Whether you are getting a new license, going for a permit test, getting a vanity plate, or registering your car, we all know what is going to happen. We will rush around the house to try to make sure that we have all the paperwork needed before heading to one of the BMVs in Maine.

Not only do we stress about getting all our paperwork in order, but one thing that we have all learned to dread is waiting. We know that when we are going to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), unless we are the first person in line, we will probably have a long wait. This makes it almost impossible to be able to go on your lunch break.

Luckily things are all about to change. According to the Maine Department of the Secretary of State Facebook page, you will soon be able to schedule appointments.

Unfortunately, this is not yet in effect, but you will be able to make an appointment not too far in the future. According to the Facebook post, they are in the final stages of implementing this new system. In the next couple weeks the system should be in full affect for all Mainers.

So, if you usually have a busy day (which most of us do), then you will be able to cut back on the wait time at the BMV by scheduling your appointment ahead of time.

If you forget to make an appointment or need to go to the BMV sooner, then you will still be able to walk in and wait at your local BMV.

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