has the gruesome details.  While they may have beaten us at this particular group of things, they can't touch Maine for our quality of life.

The article is titled "The 10 Most (And 10 Least) Innovative States In The U.S."

Massachusetts is one of the most innovative states. It came in 3rd!

According to the article, they analyzed data from 18 key innovation indicators, including the density of tech companies, the share of professionals in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math), research and development spending per capita, speed of internet and more. For every innovation indicator, each place was ranked from number one to 51.

New Hampshire was in the top 10 coming in at 10, but still a great job.

Now, Maine didn't make the "top 10" in this particular survey, but it ranks in the TOP 10 in our hearts.

Let's remember what we have here:

So, with all of this, it's a shame we made it to the bottom 10 on the list. Oh well, that just means no one will be paying attention to us as we climb the charts for next years survey.



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