When Nate Roman returned home with his 5-year-old son to find their back door open, he immediately knew something was wrong, according to WMTW.

"It was terrifying to know someone was in your house," Roman said.

However, after a quick search, Roman found that nothing was missing or damaged. In fact, the intruder had left their house cleaner than when the family left.

"They scrubbed everything down. They did the shower, did the toilets," Roman said.

Even the toilet paper was folded into origami roses, which makes Roman think the "burglar" was probably a cleaning service that just entered the wrong house. That being said, the police are taking the case very seriously as a breaking and entering offense.

The authorities have no leads or suspects, which is probably because the intruders throughly cleaned any trace of their being in the house.

After the initial shock and fear dissipated, Roman says he's pretty sure it was an honest mistake - but got his locks changed just in case.

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