Poor Jimmy Fallon. It seems like every time we turn around guests on his show are revealing things about his past that he didn’t know about. This time it’s Louis C.K. who confessed that he was the reason Fallon didn’t get a role on the Dana Carvey Show back in the 90’s simply because he was Jealous of his looks. C.K. said “All the women were like, ‘That guy has to be on’ and me and this guy Dino were like, ‘Never him, I will quit.’ I think I actually said, ‘I will quit the show if you hire that kid!’ I was dead against you!”.

C.K. continued to emphasize just how passionately opposed he was to hiring Fallon saying, “You had all your hair, you were a young kid, and I was already sweaty and balding and I was depressed, and it was pure jealousy. And I knew it, I was like, 'This is really cr-p to be doing because this kid is really talented but I don't want to look at him every day because it will make me upset about myself.’ So I torpedoed your chances, I mean I really, really went to bat against you. And you didn’t get the show."

Check out this hilarious interview in it’s entirety and laugh along with everyone’s favorite talk-show host!

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