Get ready for an almost complete lunar eclipse taking place this this Friday. Now every lunar eclipse is special but this one is so special it is going to be the longest in 580 years! In other words, one in ....many lifetimes!

Nicknamed the full beaver moon, it will be a 97% total lunar eclipse and it is expected to last for about 3 1/2 hours from approximately 2:18am to 5:47 am eastern time according to NASA.

Even this morning the moon was almost full in it's glory, just a lovely sight in the early morning sky. Depending on the cloud cover you can check out this impressive Beaver moon from Thursday thru Saturday.

If you are wondering how the Beaver moon received it's name, you can associate that with the beaver hunting season which use to peak about this time each year.

You'll also be pleased to know that you can check out this lunar eclipse with your bare eyes without the fear of any eye damage, like you might be concerned about if it was a solar eclipse.

So, set an alarm for 4am on Friday morning when the eclipse will almost be a peak, and sneak a lil peak at this once in a lifetime event!

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