There's a really good chance you're staring at your cell phone while reading this, as it has become a worldwide problem for adults and children. Social media in particular can be addictive, and according to the Sun-Journal, Lewiston Middle School has decided to take steps to curb student distraction.

LMS will ban cell phone use for students during school hours, starting this school year. Kids are finding it more difficult to keep their cell phones tucked away during the school day, distracting them from learning and interacting with other students. LMS decided it was in the best interest of both the teachers and the students to put a ban in place.

Some detractors of the new rule may ask this, "What if I need to get ahold of my child during the school day or vice versa?" LMS will have landline phones in each classroom in the event a student needs to get in touch with mom or dad. Additionally, LMS is fitted with laptops for students that filter out social media, in case students need the internet to supplement their learning.

Students caught violating the cell phone ban will be given a verbal warning for the first offense. A second offense will result in confiscation of their cell phone for the day. A third offense will involve parent interaction with school administrators.

Can this ban be properly enforced? Time will tell.



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