If you were a fan of Kelly Clarkson's medley of 2018 hits or rocket-fueled "Whole Lotta Woman" performance on Sunday night's (May 20) Billboard Music Awards, you're in luck — a tour is soon to follow.

Clarkson, who released her eighth studio album Meaning of Life in October, confirmed in a pre-show interview that the complementary tour is most definitely "routed," and that her team only needs to adjust one or two dates on either end before making the big announcement.

NBC recently confirmed Clarkson will return as a coach on Season 15 of The Voicewhich may account for some of the last-minute switch-ups.

"We're just still trying to figure out dates for the beginning and end of my tour, just to make sure," she said. "But it's happening. It's actually routed. We're just waiting on a couple shows — the bookends. But it's happening, and it's gonna be good."

Clarkson, who also has one contestant — Brynn Cartelli — remaining on the current Voice season, said she told Cartelli to "just have fun" ahead of this week's Season 14 finale, and said Cartelli's first single, which the 15-year-old recently recorded, is fire.

“She’s now made it to as far as you can on the show, if you win or not, it’s just the last two shows, regardless,” she said. “She’s got a killer first single that we just recorded — Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels, Nick Monson and now Jesse Shatkin produced it, it’s a killer team and she did an amazing job and she’s performing it tomorrow, so, Team Brynn for the win!”

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