Honestly, it's not Keith's fault. He's just doing his job.

Keith Carson Weather Reports

Honestly, what makes Keith Carson's weather reports on NEWS CENTER Maine so entertaining (and makes him, in general, entertaining overall) is the fact that he doesn't just give the weather report.

He puts personality into it. He can be comical. He's relatable and while giving a weather report, makes connections and reactions to exactly what we're all thinking with incoming weather or how we're reacting to the forecast, whether it's good or bad.

Plus, off air, he's one of the most hilarious trolls on Twitter and Instagram.

NEWS CENTER Maine / Patrick Bald
NEWS CENTER Maine / Patrick Bald

Maine Winter Weather

Regardless of the last few days, it's still been an overall quiet winter so far in the 207. Sure, there have been dustings here and there to end 2022 and start 2023, but for the most part, up until the end of last week anyway, there's been a serious lack of white stuff on the ground this season.

Except for this week, anyway, where it seems like winter is happening all in one week.

Maine Snow Totals

Obviously, you know that most of Maine got hammered by what ended up basically being a close-to-24-hour storm Sunday night into Monday.

According to WMTW, Lewiston had 16", Cumberland had over 14", Brunswick had over 10", New Gloucester had over 15", Topsham was just shy of a foot -- just hammered.

Which is what made Keith Carson's question that he asked last night on his Twitter page hurt and burn that much more.

Yup. Another snowstorm is expected tomorrow night into Thursday, which could dump up to a half foot for Coastal Maine and up to a foot for areas west of that.

So, no, Keith. We're not ready for the next one. And also, who is the Mainer that was brought to tears, based on the headline of this article? To tip the hat to Taylor Swift...

...it's me. Hi. I'm the crier it's me. (Well, me and every single back of Mainers that have to be screaming from all this shoveling.)

Stay safe out there the next few days, friends.

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