New Hampshire State Police shared some sad news recently about one of their former members in a Facebook post.

Retired K-9 Gator died on Saturday, October 29.

The 12-year-old Belgian Malinois was a police canine for nearly 10 years, starting its career with Captain Mark Hall all the way back on February 28, 2011, according to state police.

The two were certified as both a patrol/SWAT and narcotics detection team and assigned to the State Police Mobile Enforcement Team and the State Police SWAT Team, New Hampshire state police stated.

The Facebook post noted that Gator and Hall were involved in a number of assignments throughout New Hampshire before Gator's retirement in 2020.

That's a lot of police work over the years!

K9s of Valor even posted a nice Happy Birthday Facebook post when Gator turned 12 this past March.

In a farewell to Gator, a procession of New Hampshire State Police cars took a "final ride" on the highway, flashing the red and blue lights against a setting sun.

A beautiful Granite State backdrop for such an emotional sendoff.

You can even watch a clip of the ride in the state police's Instagram video below.

The loss of a loved one, whether a person or animal, can be heartbreaking, and it's no surprise people were affected by Gator's passing.

Hundreds of comments poured in on the state police's Facebook post thanking the K-9 for his service, offering condolences, and telling him to "rest easy."

One thing is for sure, Gator may be gone, but he will certainly not be forgotten. Rest easy, Gator.

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