John Tesh is a busy guy. In addition to hosting his Intelligence For Your Life radio show (heard weeknights on HOM), he produces video content for his website, tours with his live music show, and also spends important time with his family. So when John told us a while back that he was writing a book, my first question was, "how the heck are you gonna find the time to do that?"

John calls into the HOM Morning Show regularly to chat with Nikki and I. Ever since he told us he was writing a book, I feel like I've asked him about a hundred times, "so John, how's that book coming along?" Well about two and a half years since he began writing it, the book is about to be released. "John Tesh - Relentless: Unleasing a Life of Purpose, Grit, and Faith," hits bookstores next week. And let me be the first to's well worth the wait. I've had the opportunity to get an early look, and I'm loving it!

In the time that we've known him, we've learned that John has faced many obstacles in both his personal and professional life. And boy, does he have some stories to tell.

John recently called in to chat with Nikki and I about the new book, and shared some fun facts. We learned a lot about it, including the fact that when writing it, he drew inspiration from...a Mainer! Listen to the full interview below:

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