If you don't like John Cena, Sr. in the role of justice of the peace, he has one response for you: "You can't see me," a reference to a quote from his famous WWE Champion son, John Cena.

Wrestling fans know who John Cena is.  He's a 16 time champion in the WWE, but what many fans might not know is that he's from West Newbury, Massachusetts.

John Cena, Sr. is famous too, among some of the most fun-loving brides and grooms in New England.

Cena, Sr. is a Justice of the Peace and loves being behind a microphone and marrying couples across the region.  According to testimonials on johncenajp.com, couples are raving about their memorable nuptials.


" Your sparkling personality and true love and passion for marriage made our special day just that more magical."   -Rebeccah and Brian


Maegan and Nick were recently married by John Cena, Sr.  They were inspired by his knack for combining love and laughter at their ceremony.  For example, when he asked the best man for the rings during the ceremony, Cena quipped, "What kind of best man are you? You have to take the rings out of the box before you hand them over."   The attendees had a good chuckle and then he carried on the more serious part of the ceremony.

Genevieve Photography
Genevieve Photography

Cena, Sr.'s personality is big and fun.  He's also a wrestling announcer and manager, appearing most recently in WrestleMania XXX in 2014.  His wrestling persona is Johnny Fabulous.  You can purchase Johnny Fabulous products including chocolate cigars, soda pop, and wedding favors at johncenajp.com.

Jadd, on-air personality on 97.5 WOKQ and 97.9 WJBQ, ran into John Cena, Sr at a wedding and snapped this photo, complete with 2 of John Cena's WWE World Championship Wrestling Belts.  Now, that's some serious hardware.

Jadd Naamani
Jadd Naamani

So, how do you get John Cena, Sr. to perform your wedding ceremony?

It's simple.  Just complete the form on his website.  He's a one-man show and can brighten up any wedding day, even if it rains.

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