It's not every day that you can say you had the chance to speak with an Emmy-winning, Golden Globe-winning, Screen Actors Guild Award-winning, Hollywood Walk of Fame actress/singer/game show host calls into your show, but it's 2020 and everything is upside down, so why not?

In all seriousness, Jane Lynch called into my show to promote her Christmas album, "A Swingin' Little Christmas," and honestly, she may have been one of my favorite interviews of all time. She was just so fun, so down-to-earth, and best of all -- she LOVES New England.

Almost right off the bat, she talked about her ties to Vermont (when she was married, she used to vacation in Woodstock), Maine (her very first touring experience was in Portland), and Boston (last June she actually performed with the Boston Pops). She mentioned how much she loves this part of the country, and said New England had heavy influences on her Christmas album.

You can check out Jane's album, "A Swingin' Little Christmas," which she collaborated on with Kate Flannery from The Office, Tim Davis, and The Tony Guerrero Quintet, on

And check out her chat with me below, where she dives more into the album and more!

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