What makes a building beautiful? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I think we can all agree that there are some physical attributes that are unanimously considered attractive.

The Structure Itself 

Is the building made of brick, wood, stone? Was it built recently, or is it more historic?

The Building's Purpose

This might not matter to everyone, but I consider a building more beautiful if good things have happened within its walls. An old jail might be a visually pleasing structure, but if those walls could talk, I don't necessarily want to hear its stories.

Location, location, location

It's all about the view! Does this structure have a killer view of the ocean? Is it sitting atop a gorgeous mountain. A great location can elevate the beauty score of a building tremendously.

The travel website loveEXPLORING recently made a list that features the most beautiful building in each state, based on Tripadvisor rankings. So obviously I was curious as to which Indiana building they chose as the most beautiful in the state. I may be biased, but I feel like we have many to choose from.

It was fun to explore the entire list and pick out which states' most beautiful buildings I have seen with my own two eyes.

I have seen Grand Central Station, which was the choice for New York City. Haters will say the obvious choice is the Empire State building, but I happen to think Grand Central is absolutely breathtaking.

Getty Images
Getty Images

I have also visited Massachusetts' pick, which is the House of Seven Gables in Salem. Of all the historic structures in Massachusetts, I was surprised at this selection.

I was so happy to see the pick for the Granite State, because I wholeheartedly agree! Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, New Hampshire, is by far the most beautiful building in our state.

I mean, come on! Feast your eyes on this beauty:

The article states,

Castle in the Clouds is also know as "Lucknow". It is a historic estate built in 1913 and was the summer home of the millionaire industrialist Thomas Plant and his family. The building was also known for hosting parties of the most influential people of the time. Now, it's a popular events venue that's typically open to visitors.


Have you been to the most beautiful building in New Hampshire? Do you agree with this pick?

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