For many of us, the thought of prom comes with lots of fond memories. You look back on those pictures of your orangey spray tan that was giving Oompa Loompa, and your hair teased to the clouds and think, "Man, that was fun!"

But some people didn't get to go to their prom! Maybe they weren't able to swing it for financial reasons, maybe they were homeschooled and there was no prom for them to attend, or maybe they couldn't find a date and didn't have the gumption to go stag or with a group of friends. Whatever the reason, some people who didn't get to go to their prom in their youth feel like they missed out on something. That is why a second chance prom is such a brilliant idea!

603 Diesels is a community group here in New Hampshire with a shared love for all things Diesel. According to their description of FB, they are:

"Geared for the love of anything diesel in the Granite State. Truck pulling, drag racing, charity drives, event organizers. "

Nastassja Hunter via Facebook
Nastassja Hunter via Facebook

603 Diesels is throwing a once-in-a-lifetime prom this Friday, (tomorrow) May 17, at New England Dragway!

Whether it’s your first prom, a prom redo, or your 20th anniversary of prom, all are welcome. Group member Nastassja Hunter doesn't have the best memories of her prom, and she is so excited to relive her prom surrounded by trucks during live racing on the track.

People are even getting asked in "promposal" fashion:

Nastassja Hunter via Facebook
Nastassja Hunter via Facebook

(In Photo: Alivia Lavigne and Nathan Kozlowski)

Nastassja goes on to say that she knows many people who missed out on their prom because they didn’t “fit in” or didn’t have friends to go with, and this is a place where ANYONE can feel welcome! Not only that, but many high schoolers missed out on prom during Covid, and this is a great chance for a redo.

People can feel free to dress to the nines or rock a tee shirt with a tuxedo on it. Anything goes.

More info can be found on the Facebook event page.

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