After a strangely warm December, it's safe to say that we are finally in the midst of winter here in New England. Better late than never, right?

If you're feeling like braving the freezing temperatures and venturing outside, New England is filled with lovely towns to visit, many of which resemble those in Hallmark movies.

In the past, Trips to Discover shared the 50 most magical winter wonderland towns in the country, twelve of which were in New England. Stacker also published a similar list, this time highlighting 50 of the nation's coziest towns to visit during the colder months. Now, LoveExploring has shared the prettiest American towns to visit in the winter. These destinations, in the travel website's words...

...sparkle with lights draped on handsome buildings, dustings of snow and fun-filled festivals that celebrate all things cold. As temperatures drop, there’s spectacular scenery to take in, from frozen waterfalls and skating lakes to surrounding snowy slopes that skiers and snowboarders can whizz down.

To the shock of absolutely no one, New England dominated LoveExploring's list, with nine of the 30 highlighted towns being in our region. Of these nine, four are in New Hampshire specifically, which is quite a testament to the Granite State's beauty, scenery, and year-round charm. So what are we waiting for? Let's learn more about the prettiest places in the New Hampshire to visit this winter on an enchanting seasonal getaway.

New Hampshire's Prettiest Towns to Visit in Winter for an Enchanting Getaway

LoveExploring shared the prettiest American towns to visit in the winter, including four New Hampshire communities.

Gallery Credit: Megan

Speaking of winter towns, these cozy communities are must-visit destinations when temperatures drop.

8 of the Coziest New England Towns to Visit This Winter

Stacker published this list of the nation's 50 coziest towns to visit during the wintertime, including these eight New England locations.

Gallery Credit: Megan

12 of the Most Magical Winter Wonderland Towns Are in New England

Gallery Credit: Meg

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