In January of 2020, Natasha Peterson, a mom from New Hampshire, had a crazy and brilliant idea. She wanted to create a “free items only” mom group focused on paying it forward. The group would help moms get things they need for their kids, as well as provide a place where moms could pass along items they no longer need.

Once the pandemic hit, they had about 300 members, and there was concern over keeping the group running due to passing along potential viruses. They did a poll in the group, and the majority voted to stay open.

Since then, the group has expanded to 10,000 members, and they have been able to help thousands of moms get what they need. Sometimes it’s advice, and sometimes it’s help with non-kid-related items such as food or clothing.

They worked with the formula train during the formula shortage to help moms keep their babies fed without fear. Formula train was a Facebook group where moms would post what kind of formula they needed during the pandemic, and someone in the country with that formula in stock would buy it for them and send it to their house.

They have helped women leave domestic violence situations and get back on their feet, as well as foster parent-type situations. Women have made wonderful friendships and connections, and the success has gone way beyond what Natasha could have ever imagined.

They have been focusing on ways to grow, and are looking into becoming a nonprofit so they can help even more moms in the future.

You know we love spreading the word about amazing people doing great things. This is a resource that could help so many moms, and they just don't know it exists. So we are trying to help with that. The group is called "NH Mamas Pay it Forward". Any local mamas are invited and encouraged to join this fantastic group!

Natasha Peterson via Facebook
Natasha Peterson via Facebook

Thank you, Natasha, for bringing it to my attention!

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