It's crazy how widely accepted smoking was just a few decades ago. I still remember restaurants asking if we wanted to sit in the smoking or non-smoking section. Hotels had special floors designated for smokers. You could smoke on an airplane, for crying out loud!

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These days, we have a better understanding on the risks smoking causes to one's health. Smoking is by no means non-existent, but smokers don't receive the special treatment they used to.

If you're into New Year's resolutions, quitting smoking still tops the lists for many. It's right up there with going to the gym regularly, reading more books, and losing weight.

A vape manufacturer called YoCan analyzed data from the CDC and America’s Health Rankings to see which states had the lowest percentage of adults who reported smoking at least 100 cigarettes in their lifetime, and who currently smoke daily or on some days. What did they find? That New Hampshire has some bragging rights!

10.90% of adults reported consistent smoking in New Hampshire. This is made up of a percentage of 11.20% for 18 to 44-year-olds, 13.90% for 45 to 64-year-olds, and 7.60% for those aged 65 and over. New Hampshire has one of the lowest percentages of smokers in the country. Go us!

Why do you think fewer people smoke here? I have a few theories.

1) It's too dang cold. Sure, a cigarette is relaxing. But would you sit outside in below zero temperatures for a nicotine buzz? Winter + smoke breaks = frostbite.

2) We're smart with our money. Buying cigarettes is literally burning money, and at $7.73 a pack that adds up. We Granite Staters would like to use our hard-earned money for something a little more substantial. And we don't want it to go to sales taxes either. We chose to live here for a reason!

3) We have an older population. Older people consider their health more seriously, and according to the trend of this research, "adults aged 65 and over smoke less consistently than younger generations", and we have the 8th oldest population in the country.

And if you were curious what the number one state is with the lowest percentage of smokers, the answer is Utah! Makes sense to me. They need to keep their lungs nice and fresh for skiing.

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