We hear bad news every day, to the point where it makes us feel numb.

So when a good story comes along, it's nice to acknowledge there are still kind people who do civilized things to help others in this crazy world.

One of those stories happened recently at the BJ's Wholesale Club in Manchester, New Hampshire.  The story is told by a grateful granddaughter on Facebook.

There was an elderly woman at the gas pump at this particular BJ's, and she tried and tried to get her credit card to work at the pump.  Despite swiping the card, the pump was being obstinate and wouldn't register the card (even though it was a current card).

Finally, an older gentleman saw the woman having trouble at the pump, so he walked over and tried to help.  He too, could not get that credit card to work and eventually gave up.


But it didn't stop there.  The gentleman (and I don't use that word often) took out his own credit card from his wallet and paid for the woman's gas.  Imagine a world filled with people like this.

With so many truly humble and kind souls diminishing by the day, it's nice to see a story like this on Facebook for all to read.  There were plenty of compliments written about this anonymous person, as many lamented a time when this would be the norm.

People caring about other people never goes out of style (nor out of need), but this man went out of his way to pay it forward in Manchester, and that is indeed a story worth sharing.

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