Have you ever left your purse in the car when you're at the gym?

This writer is guilty as charged.

Yes, leaving your personal belongings in the passenger seat while working out is a risky business, but what's the alternative? Leaving things in a random (typically unlocked) gym locker and hoping someone doesn't steal them while you're doing your reps?

Unfortunately, if you're a Seacoast New Hampshire gym-goer, finding a different spot for your valuables might be your safest alternative right now.

There have recently been several smash and grab car break-ins at gyms across the Seacoast. According to WMUR, vehicles parked at Portsmouth, Dover, and North Hampton gyms have been targeted as of March 8, 2024.

Security cameras have captured groups of four to six people smashing car windows in search of purses, wallets, and other items of value, all while the vehicle owners were inside exercising. After all, when you're in the zone and working out, you're typically not looking out the window to make sure your car is okay.

WMUR stated that the incidents appear to be related, and various police departments are working together to determine who is behind the break-ins. Fingers crossed the authorities get to the bottom of it soon.

In the meantime, be sure to store your valuables out of sight, or better yet, find a way to not have them in your car at all. Yours truly will definitely take the necessary precautions.

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