We've been asking the same question for years.  Why can't America have a high-speed rail service like Europe?

Our country is so big (twice the size of Europe), and with so many vast miles of open road, why can't we travel with more options by rail?  Moreover, with the history of trains in the U.S., what's stopping an easier way to travel than flying or driving?

Options would be nice.  Yes, we have some options, but nothing like in Europe.

The Night Train Foundation aims to change train travel for Canada and New England with a proposal that started in 2012, but tabled due to lack of funding.

It's back on the table again, with more options for raising the money needed.  Check out this plan for a 17-stop route from Boston to Montreal overnight.  An overnight train makes the most sense for the 14-hour trip.

Here are the proposed stops, according to bostonuncovered.com:

  • Boston
  • Durham, NH
  • Gorham, NH
  • Berlin, NH
  • Old Orchard Beach, ME
  • Portland, ME
  • Bethel, ME
  • Auburn, ME
  • Island Pond, Vermont
  • Candiac, CAN
  • Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, CAN
  • Farnham, CAN
  • Bromont, CAN
  • Magog, CAN
  • Sherbrooke, CAN
  • Coaticook, CAN
  • Montreal, CAN

The three Northern New England states would be serviced, which is exciting.

The plan is to use existing tracks, some of which would need repairs. However, this would involve four different railroad companies, so it could get complicated.


The group is determined to get this project completed by 2026, which is possible if there are no major snags.  Considering this isn't a new idea (but it is expensive), hopefully the funding will come through to move the project forward.

The cost of a one-way ticket would start around $160, which isn't bad compared to air travel or gas prices.  There will be sleeper cars and coach seats.

This would not be high-speed service due to Canadian speed limits, but here in the states, the Acela Express travels at 125 mph, and a normal passenger train speed limit is about 79 mph, according to traintrackshq.com.

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