Is brunch your love language? Do you love an excuse to enjoy a socially acceptable morning cocktail? What about a plate of pancakes bigger than your noggin'? If you are nodding your heading enthusiastically and drooling simultaneously, do we have the place for you!

The Goat in Manchester and Portsmouth are kicking off their brunch festivities wicked early for the three-day President's Day Weekend! They will open at 8 am on Monday February 19, and will be ready to serve you these beauties hot off the griddle.

Are those Oreos? YES PLEASE!

People are stoked to put these pancakes in their belly, and are tagging their fellow brunch-loving friends on FB and Instagram.

Honestly, I think this is the best way to celebrate President's Day. What is more American than eating yourself into a delicious food coma? It's what our forefathers would have wanted.

We love how The Goat in Manchester, Portsmouth, and Hampton (and soon to be Newburyport!) continue to keep us on our toes with fresh and fun new menu items! But they always keep their signature items around to keep the OG's happy (*cough* adult milkshakes *cough*).

If you can't make it to The Goat this weekend, fear not! They have a lot more fun stuff to look forward to this month, such as Seinfeld trivia on February 27:

Jerry Seinfeld will be in the New England area that week, and is formally invited to this event. Imagine if he showed up and hopped on the mic for a quick comedy set? I'd flip my lid!

Follow the Goat on FB and Instagram to stay informed about events, specials, and all that good stuff!

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