If you've dreamed of owning a historic Maine property that looks like a wedding cake with a rich history dating back to the 1800s, now's your chance.

It's for sale, according to Zillow.com, but you have to come up with $2.65 million dollars.

Honestly, after you see the pictures of this property, it seems like a bargain.  The things you could do with it!  Oh, to dream.

The house at 104 Summer Street in Kennebunk, Maine, listed by Nathan MCCABE, Pack Maynard and Associates, was built as a wedding present by George Washington Bourne's father in 1825 for George and his wife, Jane, according to weddingcakehouse.com (yes, the house has its own website).

Part of the property had a fire, and George, a shipbuilder by trade, rebuilt the place with the other shipbuilding craftsmen he worked with, according to the Wedding Cake House website. The house's "icing" was inspired by the Milan Cathedral in Italy.

You can definitely see a similarity with the two properties.  Shown below is the actual Cathedral in Milan.


And here's the house in Maine.

realtor.com/pack maynard & assoc.
realtor.com/pack maynard & assoc.

The house has the Kennebec River running through the backyard, too!

The artwork is spectacular throughout the entire house as well.

realtor.com/pack maynard & assoc.
realtor.com/pack maynard & assoc.

I'm sure some antiques in this house could pay for the whole thing if you knew which ones to sell.  Somebody call Antiques Roadshow!

If you purchased this property, you could just LIVE in the house with your family, but then no one would be able to see it, and what fun is that?  You could create:

  • A wedding venue
  • A bed & breakfast
  • An art gallery
  • An exclusive non-profit school or retreat for writers and artists of all kinds where they wouldn't have to worry about anything except creating their art (I got a little excited about that last one, because that's what I would do with this property if I had the moolah).

What would you do with the property?

Peek Inside The Wedding Cake House, Inspired by an Italian Cathedral, For Sale in Kennebunk, Maine

The famous Maine Wedding Cake House at 104 Summer Street in Kennebunk is for sale at $2,650,000 by Nathan MCCABE of Pack Maynard and Associates. For more info from the listing, click here.

260 Ocean Ave, Kennebunkport, Maine

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