One of the hot news stories lately is that the Kowloon Restaurant in Saugus, Massachusetts, is opening up a second location at The Brook in Seabrook, New Hampshire.  Maybe you, like me, made the assumption that the name of the new restaurant would be the same or maybe slightly different, like Kowloon II or something like that. But as it turns out, it may have a completely different name.

According to, the Brook's CEO, Andre Carrier, made it clear that this would not be a second Kowloon.  It will feature some of Kowloon's most ordered items, but it would be "a cousin, it’s not a twin, it may not even be a sibling. But the feeling should be there."  Andre said that the top 15-20 of the top menu items would be included in the new menu.

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The Brook is a wonderful place to be for all kinds of entertainment, not just the Casino games (which they have a LOT of).  But I'm wondering where exactly this second cousin to the Kowloon is going to be?  They have a beautiful Seasons Showroom that is the venue for "Vegas"-type entertainment, and has been the host for sports figures when they are in town.  Maybe that will be re-vamped?  The Brook is huge, so maybe there is a brand-new space on the property that I don't know about.

The Brook has a great restaurant, Lucky's, where you can get breakfast all day. And if that's not a bonus enough, you can get the most delicious Manhattan you've ever had.  Just ask my friends Wendy and Maggie.  Here we are at Lucky's when it first opened.

Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media
Sarah Sullivan/Townsquare Media

I hope they don't touch Lucky's.  The drinks and atmosphere are great just the way they are (especially the bartenders).  Having said that, you know I'll be there for the deliciousness that IS, the Kowloon, no matter where they decide to put it.

I have it on good authority that the "new" Kowloon, or whatever it's called, will be on the right side of the property as you drive into the location.  That part of the building has been under construction for quite some time.  The action that I go to is on the left side..... for now.  Scorpion bowl, anyone?

Have you ever been to the Brook?  You don't know what you're missing!

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