Massachusetts' Alleged Animal Hoarding

According to the MSPCA-Angell's Facebook post, the shelter is now in possession of 60 boxers surrendered by the owner in a home withreports of alleged animal hoarding in Merrimac, Massachusetts. And they need our help.  They are saying the cost to take care of these animals will exceed $10,000.

The boxers range in age from newborns to seniors.  Some of the dogs are very thin, have dental issues, and may have other medical issues (not to mention behavioral problems that have yet to be discovered).

According to, the case is being investigated by police departments in Merrimac and Haverhill, Massachusetts, as well as Windham, New Hampshire.

According to Granite State Dog Recovery's Facebook page, if it wasn't for four dogs, the MSPCA never would have discovered the rest.

If you're looking to adopt one of these boxers, the MSPCA will update their website here as they become available.

If you are not ready to adopt but would like to foster one of the animals, you can learn more about that here. 

Both of these options require a real commitment, so you should probably get all family members on board with the idea.

Hopefully, the dogs will all be cleared for adoption and find loving forever families.

We don't know what circumstances led to this many animals being in one home.  It makes you wonder, "How did this happen?"  My heart goes out to all the dogs.

If you own a dog, you know how resilient they can be.  The world can be crashing down, but as long as the dog is loved and fed, they are happy.  I believe they were put on this Earth as our companions and best friends.  Let's hope these dogs are resilient.

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