We are neck deep into good ole New England winter. While many folks enjoy the snowy outdoor activities during this time, the majority tend to stay in and hunker down as much as possible.

For all of you miniature golf fans out there, I know it's a struggle. If only there was a place these golfers could go...

Luckily for you, there is.

Tucked away in the Marlborough, Massachusetts, is Trombetta's Farm Garden Center. On the outside, Trombetta's looks similar to any other prosperous local garden center. However, this nursery includes a 450-foot greenhouse with an 18-hole miniature golf course in it. How sweet is that?

Trombetta's Farm via Facebook
Trombetta's Farm via Facebook

According to Trombetta's website, the course was originally built in 1985. The greenhouse not only allows for protection from the weather, but is also climate-controlled to allow for year-round play. That means you can tee it up in the middle of a Nor'easter.

The course is loaded with incredible detail, including various planters, flowers, rock features, a pond, bridges, and two waterfalls The course certainly seems to do its best to transform the greenhouse into a mini-golf oasis.

This is no golf course mirage. This is the real deal. They even rent it out for parties. Heck, I may have to do that this year and whoop all my friends in a little putt-putt during a snowstorm or something as miserable...like perhaps the next polar vortex?

You can find out more info on Trombetta's website. Check out images of the course below. Are you ready to tee it up, in a greenhouse?

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