If you’ve been shopping around for flights for a winter or spring getaway, you are probably noticing that prices are sky-high at the moment, which unfortunately falls in line with many other expenses in life, currently.

I was curious about Breeze Airways, since they announced last year that they would be expanding their destinations to arrive and depart from Portland, Maine. The big eye-catcher for me was when I saw that they would be offering round-trip flights starting at just $98.

Breeze Airways, currently offering direct flights to 28 cities in the US,  was created by David Neeleman, a seasoned entrepreneur with a big history in the airline industry and mostly known for his involvement in the founding of JetBlue Airways.

Seeing really appealing advertisements does not always mean your experience will be worth the low cost. That being said, I decided to take my curiosity to social media to see if I could get some feedback from other Mainers on their experiences. I received a pretty large response, and will share some of the key takeaways.

Always having a pleasant experience flying on JetBlue, I was happy to hear several people say that it’s similar, citing clean planes and comfortable flights as some of the highlights.

The other appealing feature is direct flights. Flying out of the Portland Jetport usually involves a layover somewhere in the country to get you where you need to be. There are obvious exceptions to this, such as flying to a semi-nearby city or a popular layover airport.

To recap, most of the feedback was positive. The affordable, direct flights along with the clean and comfortable airplanes appeared to be the major pros for flying with Breeze Airways. 

The only negative feeback I recieved is that flights can quickly add up with add-ons such as carry-on luggage and seat choices. I was also told that some of their flights do not offer WiFi, if that’s a concern for you.

In closing, it’s important to consider that all flights are different, and your best bet is to just include your add-ons to get the final price, then compare from there. That said, keep in mind that you are on a direct flight with no layovers, which saves time and usually eliminates any possibility of missing your connector flight. That’s worth some money right there.

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