One thing about Maine is that it's always lobster season. There's always a lobster roll available, year-round and all the time. But isn't it so fun when you can put a twist to the lobster roll adventure and see if you can find the biggest one around? Maybe even in the entire world? Well, in this case, the Taste of Maine Restaurant has found it for you.

Woolwich, Maine, is home to not only Maine's largest lobster roll, but holds the record for the entire world's largest lobster roll. Taste of Maine has held this title for 45 years straight, and this year won't look any different. Their staff welcomed in the first customers of their 46th season on April 7, 2024.

Just when you thought Red's Lobster out in Wiscasset, Maine, had the biggest lobster roll you've ever heard of, Taste of Maine beats them by a long shot (no pun intended). Now, according to and most other seafood places that have lobster roll on their menus, there is no set price point on the menu besides 'market'.

However, I did see in some of their Facebook comments that their largest lobster roll (in the world) prices out at around $150.00. I mean, it's worth it if you split it with your friends, right?

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