This Oxford, Maine Rescue Custom Ambulance is being auctioned off, and that auction ends soon!

This sweet ride could be yours for around $6000. The Town of Oxford, Maine, is auctioning off a 2003 Ford E 450 PL Custom Ambulance. This could be converted into the ultimate camper for road trips! I was even thinking that it could be converted into a food truck. But I love the idea of a camper.

The online auction ends Tuesday, April 16, for Maine residents

Why is this auction important?

All of the proceeds from this auction will go right back to Oxford’s local community. This money can be used for road maintenance, setting up local events for residents, community programs, public safety initiatives, and more!

Tell me more about the ambulance for sale in Oxford, Maine

The ambulance has 75,497 miles on it, and features a 7.3L diesel engine and a 4R100 transmission. The ambulance box has 72” of headroom, with a L-3 compartment capable of handling firefighter’s gear. This ambulance is currently inspected with no reported issues. It's licensed through the State of Maine, and is currently in service.

Can I pass from the front to the back without having to get out of the ambulance?


*Stretcher is NOT included*

Yes, you sure can! If you are having a hard time envisioning how to convert this into the cheapest road trip camper ever, check out what one Patriot's fan did to an ambulance, changing it into the ultimate tailgate party camper!

According to Municibid, this one buyer (Ethan K) loves his new 'campulance'.

I have resuscitated a former ambulance and brought it back to life as a motor home that we affectionately call the ‘campulance’. I have no prior experience with conversions and it has proven no easy feat, but I have enjoyed the lengthy process, and more so next spring/summer when we hope to take the kids camping.

Think you could make a campulance? Hurry! The bidding ends on April 16, 2024!

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