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One of the best influencers not just in Maine, but the entire country, is hands down Meredith Steele, who is known better on the socials as babiesofsteele.

Meredith has perfected the approach of covering it all on her account, whether it's highlighting mental health and providing healthy resources for those in need, trying out viral products like cat carriers (no, seriously), or even leaving some much-needed, well-deserved, insanely generous tips for hardworking wait staff.

On top of doing a lot of good with her TikTok account, Meredith also has a ridiculous amount of fun on it, and actually dives into suggestions from other influencers as well. And this is how New England was introduced to a snack/meal/NotEvenReallySureWhatToCallIt known to some as Minnesota Sushi.

What is Minnesota Sushi?

According to the source of the inspiration for Meredith's creation, fellow TikTok influencer That Midwestern Mom, Minnesota Sushi consists of a dried off piece of sandwich meat ham, with cream cheese layered on top, all wrapped around a pickle.

babiesofsteele via TikTok
babiesofsteele via TikTok

Coming off another midwestern dish that she tried (a tater tot hot dish) and wasn't a big fan of, it almost seemed like Meredith didn't really have high hopes for Minnesota Sushi (especially considering the texture of everything, with having to dry the ham and dry the pickle for starters).

But, after she completed the roll and cut off the tips ("the jokes write themselves" - Meredith Steele), she sliced the "sushi" into rolls, gave it a try, and -- well, here's her NSFW reaction:

So, it got us thinking. If those are the ingredients that make up Minnesota Sushi...

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