The turnout at Old Orchard Beach, Maine, last Thursday for a chance to see Morgan Wallen sold out at Fenway Park next Friday, August 18, was insane.

After a little confusion and hiccups to kick off the week, the Pier at Old Orchard Beach was packed in general but also for a chance to win what is by far the current biggest ticket in New England.

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In fact, vendors and security for the Pier mentioned that people were lined up for over an hour this past Thursday waiting for their chance to sign up for those two free, sold out tickets to see Morgan at Fenway next Friday.

You'll have one last chance to get to the Pier at Old Orchard Beach this Thursday afternoon between 3p and 7p to sign up to win. There are no loopholes, no trickery -- nothing.

The Atlantic Ocean and pier in Old Orchard Beach, Maine.

Old Orchard Beach Pier in Maine

When you show up at the Pier, walk all the way down to the end until you're standing right in front of the entrance to the Pier Patio Pub, and that's where you'll sign up (just name and phone number strictly so we can call you if you win) to score your two free, SOLD OUT tickets to see Morgan at Fenway for his Friday, August 18 show.

After this Thursday, we'll compile all the entries from both weeks together and draw one lucky winner on Friday, August 11 to win those two free sold out tickets to see Morgan at Fenway the following Friday.

One Night At a Time World Tour

Morgan Wallen is currently not only one of (if not, THE) biggest artist in country music right now, but also on a tour that's comparable to Taylor's massive Eras Tour.

Toward the end of 2022 when the Eras Tour when on sale, Ticketmaster imploded and the entire tour was sold out during the pre-sale. Months later, the same exact thing happened when Morgan Wallen's One Night At a Time World Tour when on sale.

Getty Images / Maxence Bouniort
Getty Images / Maxence Bouniort

Morgan Wallen at Fenway Park

For months now -- literally ever since tickets went on sale (for what ended up being multiple times due to multiple dates being added) to see Morgan at Fenway Park on Wednesday, August 16, Thursday, August 17, and Friday, August 18, the anticipation has been off the charts.

People with tickets have been re-selling tickets for an absurdly high amount of money -- much more than what they paid for (which people are still buying because it's Morgan Freakin' Wallen and people want to see him live) while fans have been trying to figure out how to either win their way into one of the shows or at least get hold of affordable tickets.

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