They've been thinking about this connection since 1988!

It's on! The Maine Turnpike Authority has spent decades talking and planning how to make getting around the Gorham, Scarborough, Westbrook, and South Portland areas better. They now have a plan and a time frame.

Maine Turnpike Authority
Maine Turnpike Authority

WMTW reports that the new connector will go from Turnpike Exit 45 in South Portland (Maine Mall) to the junction of the Gorham Bypass with Route 114, south of Gorham Village. This is the best route for the environment too. Meetings will start in March where the public can learn more.

How much traffic do Route 114 and 22 see?

It's insane how much traffic has grown! The Bangor Daily News reported that from a review from the Maine Department of Transportation, traffic on Brackett Road (which runs south from Main Street in Gorham toward Route 22) has more than doubled since the 1990s.

Senator Bill Diamond, a Democrat from Windham who's on the Legislature's transportation committee, says,

It’s a real bottleneck, and it’s really a situation that does need to be addressed.

Who's paying for this Gorham Connector?

The short answer is all of us. Well, we are paying for it daily if you take the Maine Turnpike. This project will be funded completely with toll money. The first step was widening the turnpike through Portland. That was also paid with toll money!

If your commute has ever taken you to Route 114 or 22, you know that this is a complete mess. This has been studied for so long, considering everything from residents, businesses, environment, and feasibility. Bring it on, Maine Turnpike. I, for one, can't wait!

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