This just make me love Maine's American Idol contestant #4, Julia Gagnon, even more.

When we interviewed Julia Gagnon before the Top 10 were chosen, one thing she pointed out was how close the contestants were. She referred to them as her "family" more than once. Julia is now in the Top 7, and had to take to Instagram to address the haters.

Julia said it wasn't hate for her. It was slamming any contestant that was getting out of hand. Central Maine pointed out that she suggested another way,

Just spread love, it’s easy to spread love, and if somebody isn’t connecting for you, if you don’t love their performances, you don’t need to say it, just support the people that you love.

Julia Gagnon Facebook
Julia Gagnon Facebook

Julia is light, funny, and very, very talented. She's also dealt with bullying in her school that made her bury and hide her talent. She knows how to handle internet trolls.

Fight hate with humor

Julia Gagnon and another Idol contestant, Abi Carter, did a hilarious video where they tried to get each other to 'spit take' by reading hate comments about the other one. It's a great way to diffuse the comments AND to point out some super-wrong behaviors. One comment was sadly completely out of touch and racist.

Why have people on ‘American Idol’ that aren’t American?

Wow. Yes, Julia Gagnon was born in Guatemala, but she is an American citizen, was adopted when she was two, and raised here in Maine.

Hopefully, she will be laughing all the way to becoming the next American Idol! Julia, keep laughing, smiling, and singing your heart out.

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