Thank you, TikTok, for the latest and super-cool food trend.

It's called a burn-away cake, and it's becoming extremely popular thanks to social media and some celebrities. What exactly is a burn-away cake? Well, it's cake to start, and you can't go wrong with that. Then, according to the Washington Post,

The on-fire confections consist of a standard iced cake topped with an image printed on paper that is set ablaze, causing it to burn away and reveal another image underneath.


Why are burn-away cakes all the rage right now?

You can thank a couple of bakers and savvy social media skills. One such baker is Denise Steward from Illinois. She combined two beloved things: trendy cake and Taylor Swift. That's viral before it even it's the web! She's done several Taylor Swift-themed burn-away cakes. If you need something to go viral, let the Swifties carry it away for you!

Burn-away cakes aren't new, but they are finding some new fans. When you get some big names experiencing the delight of a burn-away cake, more and more people want to join the fun. Ellen Degeneres recently shared her amazement on Instagram in response to a burn-away, pickleball-themed cake she got for her 66th birthday!

Now I'm on the hunt for a Maine bakery that does this, because nothing says WOW like your cake on fire to reveal a hidden message! If you are a bakery that has done a burn-away cake, let me know!

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