Looks like we have some competition!

Over the holidays, the legendary Walmart pole in Auburn, got a run for it's money, when a couple accidents happened in Topeka, Kansas.

Photos began surfacing on Facebook on December 24th, when a vehicle struck a pole at the Walmart Supercenter, at 1501 SW Wanamaker Road. Then, just two days later on the 26th, it happened again, on the exact same pole.

Pictures and memes have been posted all over social media, having a good laugh at the situation. In fact, one person is selling merchandise of the incident.

Topeka, we feel your pain! Although it isn't quite our neck of the woods, the Auburn Walmart pole has become fairly iconic, for all the wrong reasons. It is fascinating because there seems to be some sort of accident curse going on there, and all because of that damn yellow pole!

Now, I will admit, that years ago when I was broadcasting at the Bangor Walmart, I struck a yellow pole with the station vehicle, and it took years of teasing from co-workers to live that moment down. Who knew that all of this was to come in Auburn?

There have been so many incidents with the yellow poles at the Auburn Walmart, that there is a even a Facebook page devoted to it, so this seems to be the perfect time to take an in-depth look at this bizarre situation.

A YouTuber named "Condensed Nuts" (Yes, you read that correctly) put together a video called "The Story of a Pole" and claims it to be more legendary than Stephen King himself.

Is there a lesson to learn here? Absolutely. Slow down, be aware of your surroundings, and be safe! Or, maybe shop at a different Walmart?

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