Imagine being out doing some Christmas shopping and all of a sudden you start to hear shrieks of chaos in aisle 7.

Well, that's exactly what happened at one Maine retailer over the weekend.

Police in the town of Rockland, Maine, had quite the surprise on Thanksgiving afternoon as an apparent wayward deer barged into the retailer and began running up and down the aisles of the store, according to their Facebook post.

TJ Max, Rockland, Maine
TJ Max, Rockland, Maine

Rockland police responded to the scene after receiving calls of the break-in. The initial call to police came in from the store's alarm system.

Given that the store was closed for the holiday, there was nobody inside the store... you know, except for a friggin' deer.

But, can you really blame the deer? I mean it is hunting season here in Maine and you don't typically see Maine hunters setting up tree stands inside local retailers. Usually.

When police arrived at the store, they said they found the front window smashed and that items all throughout the store were in 'disarray'. Keep in mind that when police arrived, they didn't yet know that the intruder was a deer.

Police along with assistance from other departments, secured a perimeter around the store as they assumed a suspect was still inside, according to the Facebook post.

Rockland Police said in part in the Facebook post:

"While clearing the building, officers were met with a fawn-tasic surprise, and caught like deer in the headlights, when they found the suspect was in fact a white tail deer; possibly trying to get a head start on some black Friday shopping,"

Eventually, with help from store staff, police were able to get the apparently uninjured deer out of the store and back out into the wilderness.

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