The Travis Mills Foundation has always been deeply committed to helping the lives of recalibrated veterans.

I have met Travis several times now, and have been involved in Miles for Mills and his annual Plane Pull. Each time I am around him and his team, I can't help but smile and feel pure, unparalleled confidence and love. That is what they are all about.

According to Central Maine, the foundation's latest initiative is going to help many veterans. With the purchase of a nearby 12-family apartment complex in Rome, the foundation is planning to expand its services.

As the article states, this is the 8.2-acre Derby Estates, and it's just across the street from the Travis Mills Foundation Veterans Retreat in Rome.

The plans are to transform it into a place of support, with volunteer lodging and new facilities for the foundation’s growing programs, such as the Warrior PATHH program. This program helps vets and first responders through yoga, meditation, and physical therapy.

When I last visited the Travis Mills Retreat center, I was blown away by how much they implement meditation, yoga, and skills that not only help the body, but the mind as well. The are fully aware of the importance of such spiritually guided programs to help heal the mental warfare that these vets have gone through.

As per the post, by expanding this program, they will almost double the amount of people they can help, which will increase the impact they provide. It's tough not to get emotional when thinking about what these women and men have sacrificed for us.

Travis Mills and his team serve as an inspiration to the state of Maine. Travis lost his limbs in 2012 because of a roadside bomb attack. He was serving in Afghanistan at the time. The foundation plans for the renovations to be completed within two years. There will be 12 units, with eight of them reserved for program participants and the remaining four for volunteers.

According to the article, the tenants of the Derby Estates were surprised at first, saying they were not told until after the sale was final. As the report states, the foundation honored all existing leases and will provide residents housing until April 30, 2025.

Heather Hemphill, the foundation’s executive director, spoke about the foundation's compassion for everyone, and has gone above and beyond the 30-day notice that Maine Law requires.

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