As the world of technology evolves, so do the strategies of local thieves and scammers alike. It's not uncommon for us to report on a 'new scam' that is plaguing not just Maine, but the United States as a whole.

However, these recent accusations against a pair of Mainers don't really involve a technological scam. It's quite the opposite.

According to an article published by WGME 13, the Bangor, Maine, Police Department is seeking the public's help in locating a pair of suspects that they say have been ripping off businesses in the area for quite some time.

And, how they're allegedly doing it is actually pretty sinister.

21-year-old Pardelian Muntean
21-year-old Pardelian Muntean

WGME says that 21-year-old Pardelian Muntean and 34-year-old Liana Moldovan are being accused of going into area Maine businesses and asking the cashier to break a large bill. Then, police say the pair is using sleight-of-hand to distract the workers and convince them that they still haven't given them the correct number of smaller bills.

This then leads to the suspects receiving more money back than they originally handed over.

34-year-old Liana Moldovan.
34-year-old Liana Moldovan.

The pair is now being accused of scamming area businesses out of thousands of dollars by repeatedly executing this scam, according to WGME.

The news station reports that police say that the suspects have now targeted at least eight different businesses that they know of, and there could be more.

Police are asking you to let them know if you've seen either or both of them as their alleged thefts now total tens of thousands of dollars.

If you, or anyone you know, has information on the alleged thieves, please contact the Bangor Police Department at 207.947.7382, ext 3.

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