Damon's Beverage in Banger is getting a lot of attention lately, and it's hilarious.

As we all know, Taylor Swift's plane had to make at stop at Bangor International Airport to refuel.

As per WGME, the private jet touched down at Bangor International Airport around 11 PM on Thursday, with Swift spending only about an hour in Maine.

The details were sourced from the Taylor Swift's Jets Instagram account, which is dedicated to tracking the flight activities of the two jets frequently used by the singer.

Now that we're up to speed, something incredible happened on Facebook. The genius and creative minds at Damon's Beverage in Bangor, Maine, shared a photoshopped picture of Swift's jet at their redemption store.

This post garnered hundreds of likes, shares, and comments, drawing a massive amount of attention in our community and state.

The comments came in droves saying,

"Dropping off empties that she didn't pay 5c on."

"She stopped to avoid customs"

"She was getting #GaslighterRosè as seen in the Jack Antinoff Instagram post a day or so ago."

Many commenters saying that this is genius marketing, and I'd have to agree! Kudos to Damon's!

Perhaps Taylor just needed to stock up on Fireball for her upcoming show?

Regardless, this attention has earned Damon's Beverage and Redemption a well-deserved round of applause from all of us.

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