The trend 'Dry January' has spurred innovation, because some Maine bars are refreshing their menus with non-alcoholic options for those participating.

What is Dry January?

According to the National Library of Medicine, this trend isn't specifically a detox or for people with dependency issues, but instead for those who might be drinking a bit too much.

Whenever I've come across this trend, I usually think it's just about people abstaining from drinking for a whole month. However, there's more to it than meets the eye due to the reasoning behind it.

Some "dry-monthers" are also doing this not just to stop their alcohol intake, but also their calorie intake so they can become healthier in all ways.

January is a month of renewal, so it makes sense that you would want to take a break to get your health on track. Now because of this popular trend, Maine restaurants and bars are jumping on the bandwagon and offering extended menus with mocktails for your dry month.

According to News Center Maine, Joshua's Restaurant &Tavern in Brunswick is now giving patrons a variety of non-alcoholic spirits and beers.

The owners, TJ and Cheri Siatras, have responded to the interest in the "sober-curious" lifestyle so they expanded their menu. How cool is that?

Owner TJ said, according to the article,

"As a restaurant, we're here to cater to people's needs. Not everybody is a beer drinker, wine drinker, or spirit drinker. We use simple syrups with ingredients like ginger or hot peppers to simulate the alcohol feel."

Are you a bar owner that is also adding more non-alcoholic options to your menu to cater to this trend? 

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