Tucked away, in Camden, Maine, lies a magical place to discover called, "The Jack." It's a bar that focuses on scratch-made street foods and a fun, casual atmosphere.

Discovering The Jack turned out to be a dope surprise. Nestled at 43 Mechanic Street in Camden with a view of the falls is no ordinary bar!

The Jack offers a good time for all its patrons, which is evident in their in-house, life-sized bocce courts completely free for everyone to enjoy!

It's also super fancy-looking, yet affordable! Count me in.

There are several spots in Maine that you can go to play pool, darts, cornhole, and other games, but The Jack stands out as your laid-back local bar with some huge perks!

You can enjoy four stunning indoor full-size bocce lanes, and on nice days, even relax on the outdoor patio overlooking the Camden waterfalls.

In addition, you can also treat yourself to a full bar of craft cocktails and 15 beers on tap, according to their website. Yum!

Since the snow has already begun and we are stuck inside or trying to find new spots to keep busy and continue to visit with friends, this is the perfect spot to check out during the cold months of winter here in Maine!

Who's up for a game of bocce? Visit The Jack on Facebook or on their website!

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