The Human Society in Waterville posted a photo of the most adorable dog, and I know that you can help find his owners.

This little bundle of joy was found wandering around the Waterville area looking for their owners, I am guessing?

The Humane Society reports getting him in from Waterville PD as a stray. He was found on Elm Street, and they are calling him Teddy. I am sure someone out there is missing this sweet face!

He does not have a microchip or collar, as per the post.

If you are his owner or have any information that can lead these good folks to Teddy's parents, please call (207) 873-2420, or reach out to The Humane Society Waterville Area on Facebook. Let's reunite this cutie with his loving owners, and make his tail wag with happiness again!

It's always important to make sure you have something on your animal to identify them, just in case they become lost. Microchips are the best course of action, but collars also are very helpful!

Okay Mainers, let's do what we do and find Teddy's mommy or daddy!

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