Embrace the winter wonderland with your family at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, this snowy season. It's an epic and unique adventure that will leave you with lasting memories.

The 5,000-acre working farm filled with awesome trails is making your winter dreams come true, and offering the experience of a lifetime by stepping into a real life-size snow globe. It's like transforming into a childhood imagination and living it.

Picture this: the backdrop of the snow falling, you sipping on hot chocolate, and enjoying the serene beauty of Maine's winter wonderland. Sign me up.

They are heated folks and cost $25 per hour to rent. So whether you're skiing, snowshoeing, ice skating, or sledding, these enchanting globes offer an unforgettable time.

Immerse yourself in the warmth of heated snow globes, which can accommodate up to eight people. If you are already sold on this, you can make reservations from 10 am to 4 pm by calling 207.688.4539, according to their website.

Beyond the thrill of chillin in a snow globe, you get treats too! Pineland is extending the option for you to enjoy a picnic inside the snow globe, complete with a menu to choose from. This is provided by The Market Deli.

This couldn't get any better. So whether you are bringing your kiddos for a day of fun or having a romantic evening with your special person, check out the snow globes at Pineland Farms! 

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