I am thrilled to fill you in on this local company that is hitting the Maine fashion industry by storm. Located in Westbrook, Flyn Hats is making art that's so fun while also showing the love for our state's incredible wildlife.

The artist is Flyn Costello, and she has been creating magic for many years, according to WGME. Her partner, Dan Marston, has always admired her work. So one day, Dan had the idea of putting Flyn's fun animal-themed patch art on hats! Guess what? It's a hit!

This has become trendy fashion, followed by all ages.

They found a way to make high-quality patches of Flyn's artwork to put on hats and other items. Friends and family loved the idea too, and soon it grew into a bigger project!

Now, Flyn Hats offers a variety of products like hats, t-shirts, tote bags, and stickers, all featuring Costello's unique animal designs. Their shop in Westbrook opened in December, offering their products to the local community. They hope to continue growing and spreading their message of appreciation for wildlife through their art.

According to WGME, these hats are unique because they are attention-grabbing and meant to start conversations about wildlife.

They show animals doing funny or interesting things, like a bear getting a mugshot or a raccoon drinking a beer.

Dan explained to WGME that they want to highlight how clever animals are at adapting to their environment, even when humans tend to intrude on their space.

Flyn Hats products are now sold in about 80 stores across the country, and they're working on collaborations with museums, zoos, and wildlife societies, according to the article. Their goal is to make art accessible to everyone and create memorable pieces that people enjoy.

"A lot of people that buy the hats are buying their spirit animal right or aligning themselves with their spirit animal and so many people have racoon energy," said Dan.

Flyn Hats products are now sold in about 80 stores across the country, and they're working on collaborating with museums, zoos, and wildlife spots.

The goal? To make art accessible and affordable to everyone in order to create memorable pieces that people enjoy!

Check out Flyn Hats online or Facebook and grab your spirit animal today.

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