This Fairfield farm-to-table gem has revamped their bar and menu, according to Central Maine.

Meridians Kitchen & Bar has transformed into Meridians: Shop & Bar. They are located 166 Main Street in Fairfield, and are saying goodbye to the traditional dining style. They are leveling up, and will now give you fun and shareable boards with charcuterie, veggies, cheese, fruit, and so much more!

According to the article, the owner David Gulak, grows the veggies himself, and is excited to bring back the energy to the spot.

Gulak says,

There are still lots of choices, but it’s more informal.

The revamped location will have a grand opening on the first day of summer, and hold hours on Fridays and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

According to the article, a lot more restaurants are experimenting with new ways of doing things due to the tight labor market and rising costs. As the owner, David will take on the role of main chef, and is seeking a creative and eager-to-learn kitchen assistant.

The dining area will seat 55 people, and the bar offers 10 seats. Meridians invites everyone to enjoy the local produce and yummy dishes!

Get ready to share some cheese, veggie boards, and good times! You will have to have a reservation for the first weekend they open.

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