It's no secret that spring has sprung a little bit early this year in Maine. However, it's still quite a contrast considering people's lawns in Central Maine are starting to turn green but Sugarloaf has 139 ski trails still open.

Welcome to Maine.

Anyway, with an earlier-than-normal spring comes earlier-than-normal seasonal treats. We learned recently that Dairy Joy in Lewiston/Auburn had reopened for the season, and now we've gotten word that another local favorite is set to open as well.

Back's Dairy Bar, a Central Maine favorite since 1989, posted on their Facebook Page their plans to open for the season. Back's posted that they're going to be open for the first time this season starting March 16, 1-8 p.m.

If you've never been to Back's Dairy Bar on Route 3 in South China, you're definitely missing out. They have a wide array of frozen treats like the Chilly Bar, Whippy Dippy, Back's Bar, Chipper Sandwich and so much more.

Here's the perfect summation of this popular ice cream place from their Facebook bio:

A family owned and operated seasonal ice cream shop located at 390 Route 3 in South China, Maine. We make 30 flavors of old fashion hard serve ice cream and 6 flavors of soft serve for you to enjoy on a cone or in a sundae, shake, split, or cyclone. YUM!

If you want to check out the numerous amounts of flavors, check it here on their Facebook page.

Where is your favorite place to get ice cream in Maine? Do you have a favorite flavor? Let us know!

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