Much of Maine is currently in the process of preparing for a multi-day winter storm event.

Instead of our last taste of winter weather being a few flurries, we are going to get truly slammed by a nor'easter.  As of Wednesday afternoon, it looks like much of Central Maine will see at least a foot of snow.

In Western Maine, they are likely to see about a foot-and-a-half of fresh snow.  The coast will probably end up getting more rain and sleet.

According to meteorologists, most of Maine will get smacked with high winds tonight and tomorrow.

Get the latest forecast from WCSH 6 here.

Because of the impending storm, Augusta has announced a parking ban that will be in effect for over 24 hours.

According to a press release from the Augusta Police Department, a city-wide parking ban will go into effect at 8 PM tonight (April 3).  It will remain in effect until noon on Friday (April 5).

During the ban, no vehicles will be allowed to park on the city's streets.  This is not just for downtown streets, either.  This ban includes residential streets as well.  You'll need to park in one of the city's parking lots or park in your driveway.

The downtown parking garage will be partially open.  The top level (roof) will be closed, but the lower level will be available for parking during the storm.

Having a winter parking permit does not exempt you from this ban.

The press release warns that vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense.

Please take the necessary precautions during the storm, and please keep an eye on our more vulnerable loved ones.

Look on the bright side. The weather next week is expected to be amazing.  Much of next week will be partly sunny, with temperatures in the upper 50s.

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