One Swiftie went viral when she received a faulty Taylor Swift vinyl album that played "demonic" music instead of Speak Now (Taylor's Version).

The fan posted about the vinyl record on TikTok, where she shared what the music sounded like. She ordered the $39 special edition orchid version of the vinyl from Swift's official website.

The video reveals what appears to be a spoken word piece ominously saying, "I quit seeing people. I quit looking at the flakes of flesh and dancing organisms..." as the record spins on her player.

"Who is this?" the alarmed Swift fan asks out loud.

When she turns the record over to its B side, a male voice repeatedly says, "70 billion people of Earth... where are they hiding?"

"Send help I got 'Speak Now (not Taylor's version). This is so funny," she captioned the viral clip.

"At first I thought that maybe she'd put a secret message in the vinyl because it started talking, and I was like, 'OK, this is weird, but it's not unlike Taylor,'" the fan, whose name is Rachel, shared per Insider.

But after listening, she said she thought: "Oh my God, this is demonic. What is happening?"

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"I haven't seen a single other person who this has happened to, which is really strange. People were saying it's haunted," Rachel shared.

However, thanks to Shazam and Google, Rachel discovered that the mysterious music on her vinyl record is actually from Happy Land, a compilation of electronic music from the '90s.

Ultimately, despite Universal Music's customer service department asking for the record back to "investigate," Rachel decided to keep her extra special edition.

"Apparently, it's like a big, big thing. They'll pay a lot for it because it's rare. I can't part with my creepy vinyl," she said.

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