Michigan State University has apologized for displaying a picture of Adolf Hitler on their scoreboard during a trivia game that aired before the school's football game against rival University of Michigan.

"MSU is aware that inappropriate content by a third-party source was displayed on the video board prior to the start of tonight’s football game. We are deeply sorry for the content that was displayed, as this is not representative of our institutional values," Matt Larson, Michigan State athletic director, said in a statement.

According to AP, the MSU employee involved in streaming the Hitler image via the trivia game has been suspended.

In an additional apology email issued to alumni, Teresa K. Woodruff, Michigan State interim president, spoke of "the work we must do."

"I am deeply sorry for the image displayed at Spartan Stadium, which made many of our community feel alienated and unsafe. It was unacceptable. I asked last evening for a full review of this university event and will take all necessary steps to align our messages and actions to our values. I will work with our Jewish community and every member of minoritized populations to ensure Spartans feel that this is a place where everyone can live, work, go to class and attend events that are welcoming," Woodruff wrote, according to CNN.

The photo circulated on social media and went viral before kickoff at Spartan Stadium Saturday (Oct. 21).

The shocking image, which appeared on the university's scoreboard, corresponded with a question about the German dictator's birthplace.

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Michigan State University announced they will immediately cease use of third-party trivia provider The Quiz Channel and implement a stricter vetting process for video board content moving forward.

However, Floris van Pallandt, the creator and producer of The Quiz Channel on YouTube, claims the school didn't ask permission or pay to stream his content.

"It’s an absolutely normal trivia question, shown in an inappropriate setting. Ignoring the dark facets of history is by no means the answer, on the contrary," Pallandt wrote on his YouTube page Sunday (Oct. 22), according to AP.

No other quizzes were displayed during Saturday's game, which saw the U-M Wolverines defeat the MSU Spartans 49-0.

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