Hurricane "season" is off and running and while we typically have nothing to worry about here in Maine, the first major hurricane of 2018 bears some watching. Her name is Florence, and some of the extended models forecasters use not only have Florence wreaking havoc along the east coast of the United States, but some models have Florence becoming a serious threat to Maine.

Florence is still too far out in the Atlantic to predict her definitive path, but the models used to forecast major weather events like hurricanes have seen a major shift in the last 48 hours when it comes to Florence. The storm was once thought to be destined to wrap around Bermuda and head out to sea. But the latest models, quite a few of them in fact, suggest North Carolina and the rest of the Northeastern coast of the U.S. could feel the effects.

Another question will be how strong Florence will be and how much some warming in parts of the ocean along the eastern coast will affect her ability to maintain her strength. Even when Maine has been under the threat of a potential hurricane, the chilly ocean waters have quelled some of the power of superstorms, but with Maine experiencing some record highs in ocean temperature in 2018, there should be some cause for concern.

No need to panic but it is probably time to take a closer look at the predictions, path and potential of Hurricane Florence over the next week or so.

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