This is the coolest picture! It makes ya almost like the cold weather...


NewsCenter Maine somehow made this frigid weather cooler.

Sometimes in the middle of complaining that you can't feel your hands, you forget that it really is pretty damn amazing what Mother Nature can do.

I love that one person commented:

God is an awesome painter!


It's cold enough to freeze the ocean!

Yup. It sure is. When you are bumming out that the winters in Maine are long, cold and hard - take a second and look around. I bet you could see something just as beautful on your way to work. Or maybe taking the dog out to pee..

*SIDENOTE: I enjoy the frigid weather for 'dog duty'. Don't have to wipe off her feet and that poop freezes in like 2 seconds and hence, barely smells! Remember that on a hot August day in Maine.

Don't's only 142 days until the first day of summer!


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